Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Training for Week of 02.09.2009. No flu this week...YAY!

Monday: BIKE TRAINER--40 min on trainer! these sessions are important to flush the muscles from lactic waste! Nice and easy - and "active recovery"

Tuesday: SWIM--100yds swim/100yds kick on side/100yds fists/100yds pull buoy, then 6 x 200yds (alternate pull/swim) off 30 sec rest - 100yds easy swim cool down. TOTAL=1700 yards.

AND also...

RUN--same as last week - putting the base to work now - - 20 min warm up - then 3x8 min HARD RUN (push it but something you can hold for 8 mins) take 3 min easy jog between each set. 10 mins easy cool down

BIKE--1 hour 30 minute base bike ride.

Thursday: RUN--40 minutes easy! Tuesday was hard day, today is marathon pace again.

AND also...

SWIM: Culver City Coached swim session

Friday: REST!

Saturday: BIKE--3 hours 30 minute ride in Palos Verdes hills

Sunday: RUN--1 hour 35 minute long run

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