Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My FIRST open water swim!

So last weekend I had a chance to do my first open water swim. Our team met for practice in Long Beach on Saturday morning for a busy...BUSY day. We completed an open water swim, 3.5 hour bike ride and a 30 minute run.

SWIM: For me this was a big deal. This was my first time ever having to swim with a wet suit and first time NOT in a pool. Coach Paul gave us a lot of tips before heading in and everything he said was right on point. First of all, swimming in a wet suit is super uncomfortable. You get this claustrophobic feeling in your body and once you hit the cold water, your instincts immediately make you feel like panicking. We practiced swimming out to a designated spot in the water and then back to shore, focusing on getting your body use to the new atmosphere. The water was FREEZING and I even felt a little light headed when it was all over. This definitely was a different experience and one that helped me learn what to expect come race day.

BIKE: Our bike ride was beautiful. The weather could not have been better and the route more scenic. We rode from Long Beach mostly down PCH, passing Irvine, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport. Nothing major to report on this ride. My lower back started to give me some pain towards the middle of the ride but I managed to get through it. All I kept thinking though for the entire 3.5 hours though was, "I can't wait to get to the RUN".

RUN: By the time I hit the run it must of been about noon and it was HOT. I ran 15 minutes up and 15 minutes back along the shore in Long Beach. I felt terrific on the run so it means the nutrition I am taking on my bike ride is doing the trick. When practice was over everyone was STARVING so we headed out as a team to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach. MMMMMM MMMMMMMM GOOOOOOD! Not a bad reward for a productive morning.

Next week our team is headed to Palm Springs to race in the Desert Tri. This is an international distance triathlon and I am excited because it will be my FIRST ever official tri. Can't wait!

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