Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Griffith Park for a 4:2 BRICK!


So this week our team was supposed to start gearing up to train in some major heat. We usually start practice at 7am but today we pushed it back to 8:30 so we could easily hit the bulk of training during mid-afternoon heat. The Vineman race we are training for is famous for having 100+ degree heat so it is important for us to get used to training in heat. Mother nature however did not cooperate with us Saturday because it was super cloudy and overcast. I actually biked in my ARM WARMERS and when we arrived at practice it was even drizzling a tad bit...hahahaha...so much for heat training. What can u do?!?!?!?!

Saturday June 20,2009

Location: Griffith Park

Bike: 4 hours for 63.2 miles

and then....

Run: 2 Hours for 13 miles

Anyways, today we trained at Griffith Park and completed a 4 hour bike followed by 2 hour run. No real excitement today. Many loops on the course for biking. I completed 63.2 miles on the bike and felt just blah. Biking is not something I hate doing but it also isn't something I LOVE doing. I felt pretty good the whole time but got a little tired in the end. That kind of surprised me because just one week earlier I did 100 miles and today I was tired after just 63??? Oh well, they say some training days are better than others so I guess this was just one of those days. On the run I felt great! I am SO ready for this part of the race. I could easily run a marathon RIGHT now if I had to so I am far ahead of training for this event.

Sunday June 21, 2009

3K Swim or 3282 yard swim or 1.9 mile swim

Time: 1 hr 11 minutes

Today I went swimming at the Santa Monica Pool with some teammates and we knocked out our swim set. I swam 66 laps in the pool non-stop which is my longest swim so far. I felt pretty good. It was a HOT and nice day out so it was nice to be at the pool.

Of the three events I am training for, by FAR swimming makes me the hungriest. I don't know what it is? It is kind of boring swimming lap after lap in a pool so your mind has lots of time to think. I notice I tend to think about FOOD a lot. I usually ask myself..."What do I want to eat when this is over? Chicken? Cheeseburger? Or maybe a PIZZA?". Well folks, on this day I was craving a cheeseburger BIG TIME for my whole swim. If you watch the video below, you will see when I have 4 more laps to go, all I can talk about is a CHEESEBURGER....LOL. Just so you know, when we finished practicing, my teammates and I went to Islands and I KILLED a Big Wave with cheese...mmmm mmmm gooooooood.


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