Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of JULY!!!!

So the only way the Ironteam knows how to celebrate a long holiday weekend is to go on a nice long bike ride. This past Saturday our team met in Camarillo for a hilly 85 mile bike ride through the mountains of Malibu. We started in Camarillo, biked down toward PCH, then headed up Muholland Canyon all the way to Encinal Canyon. That Mulholland/Encinal loop was some tough climbing, but guess what, we did it a second time after that before heading back north on PCH to Camarillo. It was a rough ride with those two loops of climbs on Mulholland but that is exactly what our legs need to build strength for race day. The weather was fairly cool and the sun did not creep out until the very last hour or so of the ride. Overall, I completed the 85 miles in just under 6 hours...5 hrs 55 min to be exact. I was pretty much wiped out after this practice so my Saturday night consisted of sleep, sleep and more sleep. Sunday morning we had to keep the momentum going and completed a 12 mile run and 60 minute swim. By noon I was finished and finally had the time to enjoy the holiday weekend. Great training weekend overall. Sounds like a crazy amount of training I know but I really enjoy it and had a blast hanging out with my team.

Happy 4th of July peeps!

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