Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week of January 26th UPDATE!

Here is my training schedule for the upcoming week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 40 minute easy run
Wed: 1 hr 30 min BASE bike ride
Thu: 25 minute EASY jog and
1 hour coached swim practice
Fri: Rest
Sat: 2 hour bike ride followed by
1 hour run
Sun: 1.5 kilometer swim for TIME!

Last week was a good week for training. On Sunday the 18th I swam 1 kilometer straight for the first time. I completed the swim in 25 minutes which is not a super great time, however I am SUPER happy at just being able to complete it. 1 kilometer is 22 laps in a standard 25 yard pool in case you were wondering. On this particular day, it was a SCORCHING Sunday afternoon somewhere in the 80s, so swimming at the outdoor Santa Monica Pool at 1pm was refreshing.

The next big workout of last week was suppose to be our 3 hour bike ride in Malibu this past Saturday, unfortunately mother nature had different plans. It's funny how in like a 3 day period we went from 80 degree temperatures on Tuesday to rain on Friday and Saturday. That's Cali for you. Our team bike ride was cancelled on Saturday morning due to the heavy rain overnight. I had done all my preparation the night before getting my nutrition/hydration pack in order, all for nothing now. I woke up at 6am and got ready as usual...getting pumped for the long ride ahead. Just as I was opening the door to my car I get a call from one of my teammates and friend, Frenchie (her name is Marie but we call her Frenchie) and she informs me that practice has been cancelled because the roads are just too flooded in Malibu. At this point in our season, being that it is still so early, missing one practice like this is not a big deal. Safety and rest are a bit more important. Moving forward, practices will no longer be cancelled due to weather. Even if rain is coming down sideways next time, we WILL practice in the rain. The fact of the matter is on race day we will ride in whatever conditions exist, so we can't let a little rain stop us moving forward.

I have all my biking gear on now, I am wide awake, and I have a ton of food and water bottles ready to be consumed--what should I do??? I decided to be productive and workout on my new bike trainer instead. If you are not familiar, a bike trainer is this cool machine you can buy that turns your bike into a stationary bike so you can ride it inside your apartment or house. You just snap your back tire into the unit and BAM...stationary bike. I rode my bike in my living room for 90 minutes while watching Flip This House on A&E, texting on my crackberry and Twittering. I had just bought my trainer on ebay the week before so this was my first time using it. My review of the trainer: it hurts your ASS much more than actually riding your bike on the streets. I need to get better padded shorts soon. =)

The pictures above show my bike on the trainer and also the food I had so carefully prepared on Friday night. Just to explain what all the food is, here is how I consume all that you see. Correction---how I would have consumed this food on Saturday morning. In my mini cooler I have 2 20oz recovery drinks, 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, 3 Rice Krispies Treats, 8 Fig Newtons and one Power Bar. For breakfast, I eat one peanut butter & jelly sandwich, the Power Bar and drink a little water that I always carry with me in the car. Then during the 3 hour bike ride I consume the three 24 oz bottles of Power Bar Endurance mix (WITH Carbo Pro...see my previous entries for explanation of my fluids). During the second hour of bike riding I eat the three Rice Krispies Treats and 8 Fig Newtons. Remember, I am still experimenting on which foods my body likes to eat during the bike rides so Saturday I was going to test out the Figs and Rice Krispies. Immediately when I am finished with the three hour bike ride I am SUPER hungry so I eat, or better yet--DEVOUR, ATTACK and INHALE--the second peanut butter & jelly sandwich and my 2 recovery drinks. BAM! Can't forget, then we usually head over as team to grab breakfast somewhere nearby so we can finally REALLY start eating. LOL!

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