Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PV Loop

Saturday 1.23.10

BIKE: 40 Miles

This past weekend we trained on Saturday in beautiful Palos Verdes. It was pouring rain all week long but I think the gods know the IronTeam trains on Saturdays so skies were clear BLUE on this day. It was lovely.

We started the morning with a nutrition clinic/talk from Coach Paul and Rad. I'll get in more details in future entries but bottom line, nutrition is the most important part of our training. MORE important than our training so today the coaches taught us exactly what we should be consuming per hour during our Ironman event.

Following the nutrition talk, we headed out to conquer the famous "PV Loop". The PV Loop is a 20 mile route looping along PV Drive. It has hills and switch backs during the steep decent but the views are AMAZING. It is one of those things that I could describe all day long but honestly, you kind of just had to be there for yourself. Following the first loop of the bike course our team had to check in back at the parking lot and we surprised the participants with a tire changing pit stop. I had the pleasure of bursting everyone's bubble and letting the air out of the tires of some participants as they entered the parking lot. I got many stares full of daggers. I felt bad having to let the air out of their tires but it had to be done and every participant had to do one tire change before heading out on the second loop. I hung around the parking lot for about 45 minutes and tried to help of few of the teammates but the idea was to make every participate do it for themselves. It is the only way to really learn so my job was to assist a little bit, but not do any tire changes for them.

Following the tire change pit stop, I headed out for loop # 2 and cruised in with a comfortable ride. All together, just a little over 40 miles and another successful ride in the books.

Sunday 1.24.10

RUN 90 minutes


SWIM 1600 yards

Sunday morning I slept in until about 10am because I was one tired dude. I did my 90 minute run in Santa Monica around 11am and then came back for a quick lunch. After catching a little bit of playoff football, I headed to the Santa Monica Swim Center for my swim sets. Nothing exciting. Just swimming. I still feel like I need a lot of work to improve but I know this season I can really make some progress with the experience I have from last season. Below are some quick pictures of the swim center.

That's it for now. Until next time.

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