Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 8: 12 Mile Run

This morning we had a magnificent run with the Westside Marathon Team. After a few weeks of rainy weather, we finally had a perfect morning of sunshine for a smooth run. This week our mileage was up to 12 miles, our highest of the season so far and for many participants on our team, this was the highest mileage they have EVER run. It was awesome to see them all reach new highs and break new barriers. I ran with the ladies of group 4 today and we had a great time together. We ran, talked, we even sang. It was good times. Following our run, we even took a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean to recover a bit. Icing your legs and knees is usually a great way to recover after a long run so dipping in the freezing water was a great way to simulate cold of an ice bath. Great morning all the way around. Can't wait to tackle 14 miles next week and see our team reach newer highs.

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