Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend of January 22, 2012

We headed into our second week of building some mileage this past weekend. The plan was to do a bike and run on Saturday and then a long run on Sunday but the weather had other plans. It was raining on Saturday morning so that made it a bit dangerous to ride so our coaches decided to switch the days around and instead we ran on this day. 8 miles total was on the schedule. Sunday we hit the bigger mileage and completed a 25 mile bike followed immediately by a 40 minute run. The day was bit cool when we started but turned out to be lovely by the end of the afternoon. I had a solid workout and was very happy with how I felt by the end.

Earlier in the week I completed my swim "marker" that was required by the team and completed a timed 1000 yard swim. I ended up finishing the 1000 yards in 20 minutes and 34 seconds which really surprised me because I expected to be much slower. I don't feel my swim has improved much yet this year, but that's completely my fault. Due to work and overall scheduling I haven't hit the pool as often as I need to in order to improve. January has been much better though and I plan to stay focused from here on out.

Overall it was a solid week and I'm looking forward to the higher mileage that is ahead. It's also time to make my next big push in terms of my fundraising. I've got some ideas for a few events I may put together but still haven't nailed something down. Stay tuned though because I definitely plan to make something happen. Thank you to all who have donated so far. We are over at over $1000 but I won't stop until I reach $4500.

Until next time. hair grease!


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